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Xaelazer   joined Perfect Storm
AddyI wanted to tell you all thank you for welcoming me into your guild. You were all really great and I was proud to be in there with y'all. Best wishes <3
Småsh   </3
WinnhaoWhat is this? Have we vanquished the evil that is known as autoplay?
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Solacarol   Shhhhhh the evil autoplay has been vanquished....don't call it back!
Valliance GM  What, did i hear someone say they wanted to see the autoplay return??...
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Valliance GM  To quote George from Seinfeld...omg, i think it moved!
Rulie   LOL smash

Why do I feel like this is your personality in the form of a music video?
SolacarolVall and Xeriz, what is up with the current progression thingy...It isn't up dated to Guild actual kills :( ... Heck yeah Guild is 8/14 heroic Woot!!!!!
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Oso   I was thinking the same thing, sup with that!
Valliance GM  the widget is recording only our current realm rank. I switched to wow progress when we were having issues with guild ox not updating the info after the split
Solacarol   oh ok !

Gonna be intresting
Azeroth Choppers -- Episode 1
Watch Sam Didier's Team Horde and Chris Metzen's Team Allian...
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Solacarol   Oh yeah ... Watched it last night... I am excited to see which one makes it to the game...Alliance!!!
Oso   Chris is all For The Alliance since he got called out for wearing a horde shirt at blizzcon '12 I believe. I luke the alliance frame, the trike is just blah and you can get a trike in game already if you have a goblin or get the rep up for it.
Oso   *like, sucks typing on a touch screen phone >_<
Howdoishot   joined Perfect Storm
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Solacarol   Welcome to the Storm, Howdoishot!!!
SeraphymmThis is real music. I dunno what that gay ass other vid
Luke Bryan - That's My Kind Of Night
Amazon- iTunes - http://smartur...
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Seraphymm   And the transvestite crap is?
Solacarol   lol
SeraphymmOMG.....we need to have a guild meeting about some of you guys taste in music.....jeez....So i felt the need to learn you guys a thing or
Småsh   yeah....the autoplay shit is making me not want to check the website......
Valliance GM  I had to switch the music due to Xeriz's comment last night about me playing gay broadway music on the autoplay... cant get much gayer than the Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Sweet Transvestite"
Chaoticshamhey guys, FYI 25 man from thok to klaxxi sunday night at 9-12. Please try to bring a solid geared toon from these later fights and research your role if you have not done them. Monday were going to build a 25 man group for garrosh kill. This will have an item level restriction till we know we have this comfortably on farm as a guild for 25 man. I'm gonna say probably a 550 ish plus for this. The fights intense so raid awareness is necessary as well. If you have lag issues for 25 mans thats unbearable then allow someone else to step in so it does not hinder the group. looking forward to a crazy kill with everyone. Pst myself or Smash for info or questions. Happy hunting everyone.
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