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Cruise   created a new thread For Winnhao in the General Discussion forum
Valliance GMHappy 4th of July my fellow Stormers!
Stinkfisst   created a new thread Stinkfisst in the Late / Cannot Attend a Raid forum
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Out Tuesday June 30th.
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Tyler   registered to Perfect Storm
RulieI wanna kill iron reaver so that we can put this music to the kill video
asap ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz 1973
Are you ready Steve? Uh-huh Andy? Yeah Mick? Okay Alright fe...
Rulie   this song is seriously stuck in my head
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Iron Reaver
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Hellfire Assault
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ilios   created a new thread Kormroks Fel Outpouring Ability in the Raid Tactics forum
Valliance GMHey everyone, Take a look at the ranking on the right side of the page...

Still think last night was non progression???

I thot so!
Shroom   Woop Woop!
Rulie   that will last a week tops.....normal progression wont last
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