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Now what am i supposed to do for the day while i am at work. Dam you Blizz
I tired to post something but its not showing up...oh well ill be unavailable for the meeting due to work
Blizz i hate you for not having your shit together for this ROLL OUT
I WILL RETURN.....soon
Any chance of another M Garry tonight, i have a lockout.
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seraphym31Wow....glad its been slow t work today. Done 6 hours of research and heal calc and looking up top disc priests. Turns out there are a few things i can change. Have to redo all my shit now. Heals should go up substantially though. YAY
seraphym31So who wants to make some gold?....i need all the cloth crafted pieces and am willing to pay well for it.
småsh   either way lmk how i can help
seraphym31   Hexweave robe and belt prefer....give me a price too for your to have them by tonight....
seraphym31   if at all possible....crit/mast secondarys...i know they are random
seraphym31Ty Mega for the boots....:sick:
megadude   You're welcome XD
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