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CaianisHey guys I get off work tonight at 9 server time so I will be about 20 mins late for the 25 man,
AddyJust in case anyone was expecting me around tonight... I'll be at my son's concert. See you guys Wednesday. :3
KimseyIn response to the QQ about WOD paladin tier... this is the new Lock T17. Be jelly all you pink paladins.
Winnhao   ok i need this now
wth is this? going from a good looking since judgement,FL, and current to this crap again O_o looks like cata T11 again >_<
Warlords of Draenor - Tier 17 Paladin
Keep in mind this is an early preview!
Addy   I think they're going for an outlands feel... cause same place.
Valliance GM  too many warlocks were jealous of our pretty dresses, they complained about it and Blizz decided we needed to look ugly again... Damn Warlocks, and Kimsey as their leader!
Småsh   t4...js
Siaperas   created a new thread Challenge Mode Continuation in the Challenge Mode forum
Xaelazer   joined Perfect Storm
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Solacarol   Welcome to the storm!
AddyI wanted to tell you all thank you for welcoming me into your guild. You were all really great and I was proud to be in there with y'all. Best wishes <3
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Småsh   </3
Addy   I know you </3 me Smash... it's ok boo.
WinnhaoWhat is this? Have we vanquished the evil that is known as autoplay?
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Solacarol   Shhhhhh the evil autoplay has been vanquished....don't call it back!
Valliance GM  What, did i hear someone say they wanted to see the autoplay return??...
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Valliance GM  To quote George from Seinfeld...omg, i think it moved!
Rulie   LOL smash

Why do I feel like this is your personality in the form of a music video?
SolacarolVall and Xeriz, what is up with the current progression thingy...It isn't up dated to Guild actual kills :( ... Heck yeah Guild is 8/14 heroic Woot!!!!!
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Oso   I was thinking the same thing, sup with that!
Valliance GM  the widget is recording only our current realm rank. I switched to wow progress when we were having issues with guild ox not updating the info after the split
Solacarol   oh ok !
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